Making it Through Divorce


Making it Through Divorce

Going through a divorce feels lonely but you should not do it alone. The only case in which you may not need an attorney is if there are no kids, it was a short marriage, you own no assets together, and both agree to the divorce. Admittedly, those circumstances are not as common as you might think. With any other conditions of marriage, you will need a divorce lawyer.

Perhaps if you happen to be a lawyer yourself you could also get away without counsel. Otherwise, you will need to find the divorce lawyer Orlando FL residents trust with their divorce proceedings. It is a matter of pinning down what is yours and what is your spouse's and that is tricky territory. With kids in the mix, things can get complicated and downright competitive.

The main point is to make it through the divorce with minimal loss. As for the kids, you will want to have as much custody or visitation as you can. Ideally, you and your spouse can work out some kind of agreement and this will not have to go to trial. At the same time, you might disagree on many points. This is why you will both need your own legal representation.

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With a focus on finally splitting the marriage up, you both want to try your best to see eye to eye. If there are still quarrels between you, hopefully you have moved apart. You will stand a better chance of being reasonable with the settlement if you have some distance. Try not to get too emotionally involved. Your lawyer will help with this.

In the end, each side should get an even share of what is on the table. The kids are not possessions and it is important to consider their well-being and feelings in all of this. Take the most peaceful approach with proper legal counsel.