How Bankruptcy Can Help You


How Bankruptcy Can Help You

Some people fear the word bankruptcy because they think that their life is over or they feel like a failure. The truth is, bankruptcy can actually change your life for the better and provide the path to a new financial life. It is best that you speak to a bankruptcy lawyer in Clearwater FL before proceeding, however, because the matter is complex and far too much for the average individual to handle.

There are several types of bankruptcy that you can file. Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the two most commonly filed types but each varies considerably from the other. The lawyer can discuss each of the bankruptcy filing types with you and determine which is best for your needs. Consultations are free and you can learn a good deal of information about the processes and types so you can move forward in your goals of financial freedom.

No matter what type of bankruptcy you choose to file, you will need to complete credit counseling before a judge will approve the filing. Yes, a judge grant bankruptcy and it is not official until he signs a court order stating such. The costs of the counseling are yours to pay. Classes help you learn how to avoid the same financial troubles in the future. The lawyer will provide additional information about all of the steps that you must complete before filing.

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Bankruptcy offers you a fresh start when financial troubles are standing in the way of happiness. It is good for individuals, families, businesses, and anyone who's gotten off the right financial path but who is ready to get back on the straight and narrow. Talk to a lawyer sooner instead of later and take the steps necessary to set yourself financially free once and for all.