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Signs of Elder Abuse

If your loved one currently lives in a nursing home, itis important that you are watching carefully for any changes in the individual and for signs of elder abuse. Although we like to think that those we entrust to care for our loved one will provide them the best care, this doesn’t always happen. If you are paying attention and know the signs, you can put a stop to this problem before your loved one is hurt worse. You should also call a personal injury lawyer Detroit if you suspect elder abuse.

The National Center on Elder Abuse reports that one in 10 Americans over the age of 60 experiences elder abuse to some degree, though only one in 14 of those cases are reported. Elder abuse is oftentimes abuse and neglect, but can also include other types of abuse as well. Physical abuse occurs when a caregiver uses physical force that results in pain, injury, or impairment. Look for bruises, broken bones, sprains, and abrasions on the body if you suspect abuse. Neglecting a patient is similar to physical abuse and you might notice that your loved one is dirty, hasn’t been bathed or groomed, doesn’t eat, or receive their proper medications. Weight loss is a sign of such a problem.

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Emotional abuse occurs when a caregiver inflicts emotional pain or stress to the individual. Forms of emotional abuse include threatening, swearing, insulting, and humiliating the person. Emotional abuse may also include isolation from friends and family members. If you notice your loved one has become shy or withdrawn, avoids eye contact, or is anxious or depressed, you might want to further investigate. Financial abuse can also take place and occurs when a caregiver withholds the persons’ money from them or uses their funds for their own personal matters.