3 Cases You Definitely Need a Criminal Attorney to Handle


3 Cases You Definitely Need a Criminal Attorney to Handle

If you are arrested and charged with committing a crime, the legal system allows you the opportunity to hire an attorney to represent you in court. It is always recommended that an attorney handle your criminal case. Your freedom and well-being are on the line, after all, and that just isn't worth playing around with. However, there are some cases when an attorney is an absolute must. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Call a criminal defense attorney in Charlotte NC before anything else. Here are three such cases when it is imperative an attorney represent you in court.

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1- Domestic Violence

Although generally classified as a misdemeanor charge, a conviction for DV carries a penalty of up to 11 months, 29 incarceration and/or probation, anger management classes, and fines. But, this conviction goes far deeper and tarnishes your good name, the record visible to anyone with an interest. You'll be forbidden to own a firearm after a conviction and may be unable to acquire a passport to travel outside the United States.

2- Drug Trafficking

Mandatory minimum sentencing in North Carolina means a conviction results in a minimum stint behind bars. As a felony charge, you can receive a prison sentence of no less than 25 months in prison and as long as 250 months in the slammer! Simply carrying large quantities of drugs on your person can result in a trafficking charge. It is imperative that an attorney represent you in this type of serious case.

3- Sex Crimes

A variety of sex crimes can land you in hot water. They ruin your name and require registration on a sex offender list if you are convicted. Whether you're charged with rape, child pornography possession, or another sex crime, make sure there is an attorney to represent you.